Storage Solutions

Storage SolutionsVanmark’s in-process food storage solutions allow high volume plants to consistently process product by effectively storing and feeding out the appropriate amount of product at the appropriate time. Our storage equipment is designed to receive product from dumpers or conveyors and discharge product to downstream processes via auger or belt. Our solutions help protect product and eliminate spoilage through first-in, first-out product discharge systems. Vanmark’s expertise includes a wide range of conveying and flume products to efficiently move product in and out of the storage areas. Vanmark designs product devices to store and meter product from the single piece level to multi-truckloads at a time. Contact a Vanmark representative for additional information or product selection assistance.

Vanmark Storage Solutions:
Dumper Hopper (Series 1200)
Metering Hopper (Series 1500)
Bulk Storage Bin Systems (Series 1600)