Receiving Area Wash and Debris Removal Lines

Receive, wash and remove debris from product with perfectly paired equipment.

When product is delivered to a processing plant straight from the field, many operations have a need to wash and remove debris from the product immediately after receiving it. In some cases, removing stones and debris from the product before weighing the shipment and paying the vendor is essential to maintaining a healthy bottom line.

Through a combination of quality Vanmark equipment, we can configure a solution that receives and unloads product directly from the truck and conveys it directly to a dry scrubber, which efficiently removes soil, sticks and other debris. If the product can be wet it can travel through a destoner that removes large, product-sized stones before you pay for them or before they damage downstream equipment. Our destoners, working with a hydrolift, are capable of elevating product to transfer it to the next phase in your process. You can choose to add an automatic rock remover to mechanically dispose of separated debris.

A rotary washer may be added to a wet or dry section of the line to get further soil and debris separation.

Product can also enter a small, customized flume system that uses water to effectively clean and separate dirt and debris. In a flume system, non-floatable debris, such as rocks, sink to the bottom and floating sticks and insects can be easily skimmed off the top, leaving your product thoroughly cleaned.

Learn more about the equipment in this receiving, washing and debris removal line:

Material Handling Conveyors
Transverse Scrubber
Automatic Rock Remover
Flume System
Rotary Washer