Flume Systems

Vanmark Flume Systems: Custom solutions to gently transport product.

Vanmark can customize a flume system to meet any requirements. Whether your processing needs require a pipe or an open trough, and no matter the distance you need to move product, our design expertise ensures an effective and efficient solution built just for you.

Our flume systems are ideal for in-process products that require gentle transport. Flume systems can also effectively clean and separate dirt and debris from product during the early stages of processing. Vanmark can add rock, dirt and sand traps to your system to separate out heavy debris. Trimmer systems may also be used to remove buoyant debris.

Vanmark has experience with through-pump systems and also gentle siphon flume systems to move your product down the aisle or across the plant.

To learn more or discuss your unique needs, please contact a Vanmark representative today.