Lamina® Hydrocutting System

Lamina® Hydrocutting System

Waves of new technology delivering value to the food processing industry!

Vanmark Equipment LLC is a globally recognized leader in the manufacture of quality food processing equipment in the vegetable product market. Vanmark’s location in Boise Idaho has been a leader in hydrocutter systems deploying over 1,000 systems worldwide for over 37 years.


VanMark2The Lamina® hydrocutting system was developed with customers in mind. The new hydrocutting system was developed with computational dynamic fluid design software to provide a smooth laminar flow that transports product through its patented hydro tube technology that provides fixed alignment through a grid of razor sharp knives and then gently discharging the product into a decelerator to the dewatering conveyor. The new system will improve cut quality and yield.

Lamina® was designed to bring tangible value such as: Sanitation / hygienic, ergonomic, precise repeatable alignment, reduced maintenance cost, modular and flexible capacity.

The hydrocutting system is designed to cut a wide variety of vegetable food produces like: French fries, carrot sticks, pickles, peppers, brussel sprouts, beets, apples, mangos, strawberries.

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