Vanmark Cutter Heads

Vanmark Cutter Heads

Replacement parts for Vanmark, Boise products.

Pepper Core Remover

Holder, 1-1/2" dia Pepper Core w/ 24 outside Strips 1007431

Slab Cut Head

Slab Cutter, any cut required - Will vary as per customer requirements

Specialty Cut Head

Plus Fry, Complete Holder 1012805
Scoop Cutter, .300 X .750, Holder 1007954

Tension Style French Fry Cut Head

Tension Cutter Head Housing, 4" LH Ass'y 1008770
Tension Cutter Head Housing, 4" RH Ass'y, 1008777
Cutter Head, Tension .250 X .250 CUT 1006748

Wedge Cutter Head

Wedge Cutter, 16 Cut Tension
We have sizes from 2 & 4 Cut all the way to 16 Cut