The World’s Greatest in the Food Processing Industry


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If you’ve ever eaten a french fry, or a potato chip, or a baby carrot, chances are good you’ve eaten something that’s been produced on equipment made by Vanmark.

Vanmark makes equipment for food processors and manufacturers around the world to make the food that we know and eat every day.


Vanmark Equipment begins at the start of a processing line, in a food plant, where products are made for people to eat. Vanmark’s equipment takes the food from the delivery point, stores it in the plant, cleans it, peels it, and has an opportunity to inspect it. Essentially, we make the product ready to go to the finishing processes that create the food products that people buy in the store.

But it’s not just potato chips. Vanmark’s equipment is behind many of the products we consume on a daily basis.

“Vanmark makes equipment that works on not only potatoes, but also things like baby carrots, peppers, onions, beets, sweet potatoes… we do some things for dog treats. But one of the more unusual ones we make is machinery that actually polishes golf balls after they’re molded to take away some of the residue that’s put on during the process of making them,” said Tom Mathues, President of Vanmark Equipment.

Since developing the first potato peeler in 1954, this award-winning company has only continued to build and expand on amazing quality equipment.

“In 1954 an inventor here in Creston created a small potato peeler to work in a restaurant that sold french fries that were hand cut. It ran continuously for over 50 years in that restaurant. That little machine became the start of the company that we work in today,” said Mr. Mathues.

“We continue to upgrade from that, and over time, we’ve built thousand and thousands of pieces of new equipment. We are proud to say that we’ve got equipment that’s been built for more than 40 years still running. Vanmark continues to produce equipment, service and parts for people who want to keep our equipment running,” he said.

“Vanmark’s equipment has been manufactured to high standards within the FDA and also high standards within food manufacturing facilities throughout the world,” said Cory Gardner, Engineering Manager for Project and Technology Services. “Through our relationship, their equipment has lasted decades through many harsh environments throughout the food and beverage manufacturing industry.”

Vanmark’s been in production with peelers and then the equipment that serves those peelers and provides other processes to food manufacturers around the world for more than 60 years.

“We’ve won awards for being Iowa’s ‘Small Processor of the Year,’ we have export markets around the world, we sell in over 60 countries, and we’ve got the biggest installed base worldwide, of machinery of our style,” said Mr. Mathues. “People buy our equipment with a lot of confidence, they use it hard, they run it hard, and they come back for more.”

“We’re proud to be in this business… we’re happy to be building equipment for the older pieces that we’ve sold, and the newest pieces that we’re still developing,” he said. “We have a bright future ahead of us, we think that makes us the ‘World’s Greatest’.”

Helping bring your favorite foods to life, Vanmark Equipment is the World’s Greatest in Food Processing.