Vanmark Capabilities

Solutions for all your vegetable processing needs.

Since introducing the world to the first commercial potato peeler, Vanmark Equipment continues to be the worldwide industry leader in innovation, design and manufacture of peelers for the food industry, as well as a wide range of other food processing equipment; parts and services. From our multi-capable peeler/scrubber/washing solutions, to our conveyors, hoppers, dumpers and other solutions, our goal is to solve customers’ toughest challenges through equipment designed to expertly and efficiently address any application in the process line. As a global company, Vanmark Equipment exports worldwide and manufactures under license as required.

True to our roots in the potato industry, we are specialists in food processing equipment for potato chips (crisps), French fries and dehydrated products. We also specialize in processing a wide range of root crops including carrots, onions, turnips and horseradish.

Most of the carrots processed in the United States go through Vanmark Equipment peelers/washers before heading for consumers. Other areas of expertise include processing nuts, like pistachios and walnuts, and fruits including apples and peaches.

In addition to equipment for the food industry, Vanmark also manufactures unique equipment for other industries with a need to handle, scrub, wash, treat, size, peel, abrade, texture or polish products. In the golf ball industry, Vanmark’s expertise and innovation has helped reduce manufacturing time and improve product quality.

To learn more about our capabilities, explore the wide range of equipment we offer, or search for a quality Vanmark solution for your unique applications. For personal assistance, please contact Vanmark today.